Allan on set for NTVIC-Japanese TV.  Here Allan playes a hero who catches a falling child from 3 story window.  True NYC story directed by Toshiyuki Nakazawa.

Some pictures from a training film for Applied Behavioral Research.  It was a 3 day shoot, in Middletown, Ct., and I was surrounded by very talented and very nice people.  Another great experience!  Thanks to the folks at Gener8or Communications, and the director, John Maher, along with a talented group of actors.

The Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey 's production of  "To Kill A Mockingbird".   This production ran in the Fall of 2011.  These are some of the most talented actors in the country. Joe Discher is an awesome director.  And I got to work with all of them.  What an experience.

A collection of images from Celebrity Ghost Stories, The Pam Grier Story.

Allan on set of commercial shoot for American Petroleum Institute, with Artie Kaufmann.

Allan on the Spiriva print set with Leah Finnie.

Allan with cast of Human Trust including, Japanese film star, and Human Trust Star, Sato Koichi,  with renowned film director Sakamoto Junji, who also directed Human Trust, co-director Kenji Araki and the rest of the cast and crew of the film.

Allan R. Walker

Below an AT&T "More Bars" promo pic, Allan working on ESPN "Love the Lanes" PBA spot, Allan on the set of American Association of Orthopaedics.